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The Design Journey

23 February 2015 | by Sinead O'Toole

From idea, to creation, to the final print. A lot of time and care goes into making each invitation. Using the flora day invitation as an example, I'd like to share with you how the process works.


I always start by sketching the design until I'm happy with the look.

Then using thick acrylic as my only medium, I'll paint the drawing. The time spent on each painting ranges, depending on the level of detail in them.

I'll then allow the painting to dry before scanning.


Once scanned, I bring my painting into Adobe Photoshop, where I can spend quite a bit of time touching them up using Photoshop brushes, mainly removing any grubby marks or splatters of paint that may have accidentally got on the page.


After Photoshop touch-ups, I'll then save the images and bring them into Adobe Illustrator. I use Illustrator to put my designs together, so I can see them all at once. I'll then position all my images and text together and play about with fonts to see what works best on the design.


Once I'm happy with the final look of each design, I'll send them print, where they are printed on thick matte paper. 

Flora Day Invitation

I always love seeing the final print. Don't forget, we have samples of all our day invitations available to buy online. An ideal way for you to see your favourite design in person.

Thanks for reading! :)
Sinead xo

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