Ideas for showing your return address

When sending out your wedding invitations, most of you will need a reply from your guests to inform you if they can make it or not. Sometimes this can be difficult, as guests can easily forget, and you then have to contact them. So what's the best way to display your address to ensure your guests reply? I've listed a few ideas below.


RSVP postcard

Simple and effective. Postcards are so handy. There's also a section where guests can leave you a little message or even write any dietary requirements they may have. 

A kind gesture as well would be to include the stamp. Ask your post office if they have any themed ones, as these would probably look nicer than a regular stamp.



Show on your RSVP card

We've already included the return address on all our RSVP cards. However, if you would prefer to have this removed, just let us know in the 'customisation requests' section on the product page.


If you, a family member or friend is lucky enough to have fabulous handwriting, you could kindly ask them to write your address on your RSVP envelope, or at the back of your wedding invitation envelope. If your envelopes are navy or black, you would be best using a silver sharpie pen.


Homemade stickers

Include your logo and address on a sticker. You can make these yourself at home, if you purchase some sticky label paper and have access to a printer.


Custom-made stickers

We can design stickers for you, and have them printed in whatever colour and shape you would like (heart, flower, circle, etc). Place these at the back of your envelope, but not on the seal itself, incase they rip when the envelope is opened.

There's quite a process that goes into making stickers, including the print, die cutting forme, and punching them to shape. It's a costly option and works out at around £380.

Custom-made stamp

Writing your address over and over could prove to take some time, and there’s the worry of making mistakes and wasting envelopes. An ideal alternative to this would be to have your own stamp created for you. Custom stamps cost around £50 each and waiting time is usually 5-10 days.

Stamp your address on your RSVP envelope, at the back of your wedding invitation envelope, or keep it separate and stamp on a small card (like the size of a business card), which you can then just pop into your envelope.

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Envelope personalisation

Have your address printed on your envelopes. Perhaps just simple black text, or a coloured design. The cost of this will depend on the quantity needed and the detail of the design. Waiting time is usually 1-2 weeks.


Thanks for reading!

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to show your return address, and makes planning your wedding a little easier. If you would like any additional information or have any idea of your own, please don't hesitate to get in touch