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Customise your Wedding Program

22 June 2015 | by Sinead O'Toole

Wedding Programs are ideal for guests who wish to receive information regarding your ceremony and the names of your wedding party! They make a nice little keepsake too.

We have a range of ready-to-order wedding programs available on our store. Each one can be customised to suit your taste. So whether you would like your logo, names, wedding date or thank you message on your card is completely up to you.


Another option for your program is choosing the style of card, flat or folded. For example, if you opt for a flat card, you could show ceremony information on one side and wedding party names on the other. All customisation requests for wording, colours, layout changes, etc, can be typed in the 'customisation requests' section on the product page.

I love the idea of 'less is more', which is why the simplicity all of our cards gives them a real modern, stylish look. 

If you would like to add inserts to show more information, please get in touch before placing your order as there will be an additional fee.

If you would prefer a unique custom-made design, please get in touch with your idea and I'll be happy to help.

Bye for now,
Sinead xo