Wedding Menus

29 July 2015 | by Sinead O'Toole

Our floral hand-painted wedding menus have received such great feedback on social media this week! Jenna of Belfast Bride quotes "A bride/groom knows when they have found someone who can make a menu pretty then they are onto a winner!" 

These beautiful and vibrant dinner menus would add so much colour colour to your guests tables, compared to the typical traditional menus. Something different for your guests tables. 

I've used a simple white frame bought from Ikea and a mini art easel bought from a craft store in Belfast to highlight two ways you can present your menus on your guests tables. Of course, whether you would like your menus lying flat on the plates as apposed to sitting up, is completely up to you. 


Check out the full collection of wedding menus: and please feel free to comment below or even send a tweet on what you think - I'd love to hear from you!