Caroline & Stuart's Table Plan

26 February 2017 | by Sinead O'Toole

I recently posted a photo of Caroline and Stuart's Table Plan on Instagram and Facebook, and the reaction to it was amazing!  

Caroline got in touch me last year after discovering my work in the Love Weddings Studio in Belfast. Her wedding was in Belfast Castle, and she loved the idea of bringing the venue into the design.

To complete the look, she also wanted to incorporate a painting of herself, her fiancé Stuart and their four children, which I thought was a beautiful idea.

roco and miley table plan

Caroline emailed me a few photos of the family and also provided me with the children's ages.

I started by sketching all their figures and then painted with acrylics. Once the paintings were dry, I scanned them and then tidied them up on Adobe Photoshop. I then used Adobe Illustrator to piece the entire design together.

With detailed designs like this, I always paint the background and figures separately. This means that I can move the figures about on the design, make them bigger/smaller, and position them where I would like.

roco and miley table plan

When I emailed Caroline the proof, she told me that children were so excited to see themselves on the design, and loved that I got their hair colour and style just right. She also said that on the day of her wedding, the design received so many compliments, which is always lovely to hear!

Here is the finished piece...

roco and miley table plan

A big thank you to Caroline and Stuart for putting her faith in me! I knew this would turn out so well!

If you are considering a bespoke table plan, then we would love to hear from you! Please keep in mind that they need to be ordered well in advance (no later than 3-4 months prior to your wedding). They can then be printed up to 2 weeks before your wedding.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks for reading!
Sinead x