New Scarf Collection

I'm so excited to announce the launch of three new beautiful Roco & Miley themed scarves!!

It's so lovely to see my paintings on fabric - makes a nice change! :)

sinead roco and miley

sinead roco and miley

How it started

A couple of months ago, I decided to take a step away from paper and work on something completely different. It was NI Fashion Designer Shauna Fay who inspired me to work with fabrics, after she came across my work on Instagram

Working with fabric was completely new to me and I wasn't really sure where to start. I wondered "how do repeat patterns work?", "where do I get the fabric printed" and "what does it cost?". These were all questions I had to figure out before I could start designing. 

In June this year, I attended the Belfast School of Art Degree Show, where I came across the work of Emma Clarke! A talented textile designer, with a very similar design style as me! Emma kindly took time to discuss with me how the process works. I was so thankful.

A week after our meeting, I began my first scarf design. I worked with some of my favourite floral paintings, and spent a lot of time piecing every flower, leaf and branch together on Photoshop. 

The scarves are all printed and stitched in London, England! They are printed on Silk Impression which is a cost effective alternative to real silk. I am really happy with the quality and love how they look and feel when worn. 

scarf roco and miley

rosa scarf roco and miley

Once I posted the photos on social media, the reaction was better than I expected! Everyone loved them and the comments were amazing. I couldn't be happier! I've already started thinking about my next designs! :)

The scarves are now available to order online at £70.00 each!

Thank you for all the support!!

Sinead x